We would like to thank you for your interest in Zombie and his legacy.  We are AstroCreep2000 the only Zombie tribute band that we know of at this time.  This tribute is about Rob and his many great works as well as the loyal following he has created.  These works are all original creations of art by Rob and are most likely somewhat personal to Rob and in many ways to his fans.  As Zombie fans ourselves these are very personal and special tunes and we hold the highest regards for all of his works.  We do write and record our own material and have been for many years and will continue to do that.  We just want to have fun like everyone else and let me tell you that personally I've never had so much fun with my clothes on.

 The cast and crew of AstroCreep2000 have dedicated huge amounts of time and money to try and capture the essence of the Zombie show.  We will continue to re-invest back into the staging, pyro, and equipment as well.  The fee we charge a venue is a mere drop in the $40,000 plus ocean that we have already invested out of our own pockets.  Yes we have real jobs like everyone else, like I said were just out to have fun.  We will not sell any Zombie music, merchandise or items that you should get from Rob, nor will we be associated with any assholes that do that.  Buy the real stuff at www.robzombie.com or click on the Tower Records link on the main page.  It's well worth it and it's the right thing to do.  Buy all the Zombie music you can so Rob never stops doing albums!!!!!!!

Death Wishes,